General sponsor OHANYAN
10 - 12 June
30 events
15 000 guests

The Main Event This Summer

Find out more about Gyumri.

Fall in love with Gyumri.

Live in Gyumri.

How to get?
Our partner gg launches the Yerevan-Gyumri-Yerevan transfer for the entire duration of the “ALL ARMENIA IN GYUMRI” festival. We recommend booking your round trip in advance. How to do it:
1. Download the gg app.
2. Click on the car icon.
3. Choose the Yerevan-Gyumri route. After that, you can choose the date and time of the trip.
5. Book your trip. The trip to Gyumri will take approximately 1.5-2 hours. And due to our partners, it will cost about 2000 AMD one way.

Departure from Yerevan: Arabkir, Barekamutyun metro station (show map)
Departure from Gyumri: Theater square, st. Sayat Nova.

The shuttle will start off every 15 minutes.


June 10th
Yerevan – Gyumri 16:00-20:30
Gyumri – Yerevan 20:00-23:00

June 11th
Yerevan – Gyumri 7:00-20:30
Gyumri – Yerevan 19:00-01:00

12 June
Yerevan – Gyumri 8:00-16:30
Gyumri – Yerevan 15:00-19:30

Cost: about 2000 AMD.

June 10 19:30-21:30
June 11 10:00-00:00
June 12 12:00-14:30

Choose a convenient time and come to our festival in Gyumri.
You can get to Gyumri by train. Look at the train schedule, and choose a convenient time. Come!

Yerevan - Gyumri
1. Train 7:55-11:03 / 3h 8m / 1000 AMD
2. Train 14:25-17:30 / 3h 5m / 1200 AMD
3. Train 18:25-21:46 / 3h 21m / 1000 AMD
4. Exress 9:15-11:25 / 2h 10m / 2500 AMD

Gyumri - Yerevan
1. Train 7:45-10:57 / 3h 12m / 1000 AMD
2. Train 11:55-15:05 / 3h 10m / 1000 AMD
3. Electric train 18:15-21:23 / 3h 8m / 1200 AMD
4. Express 17:55-20:05 / 2h 10m / 2500 AMD

Attention please! Purchase of tickets is temporarily possible only at the station cash desk. Please arrive early. Yerevan railway station, Tigran Mets avenue 80.
10 group
3 stages
Fair of Local Brands
50 masters
1200 garmets
Food fair
The world cuisine on one square
Move to Gyumri
Accommodation, job, real estate and business in Gyumri
Show and a prize draw
Artists, gigs, presents
Master classes
Painting, dance, modelling
+permanent tours with the best guides, 5 museums and historic entourage of Gyumri
Partners of the event
10 - 12 June
Find out everything about the life in Gyumri
30 companies will discover life in Gyumri at the Move2Armenia exhibition
On June 10th from 14:00 to 18:30 at Gyumri Tehnology Center
(show map)
  • Find a job among local or international companies in Gyumri
  • Find out everything about the real estate cost and comfort of living in the city
  • Get to know the business and development opportunities in a fast-growing region
  • Get an international education or find a job for your soul
Gyumri: The Country’s Cultural Capital
And the second largest city in Armenia.

Previously, the city was called Alexandropol and in the Soviet years was called Leninakan.

The city is famous for its unique architecture and original atmosphere. Gyumri is rich with artists, artisans, poets and scientists. In response to the question "Why were so many artists born in Gyumri?" a local artist can point to the sky and proudly declare that here they are born closer to the Almighty.
Gyumri Museums
Visit the main 5 museums
for 2000 AMD.
Varpetats St.,91, Yerevan, Armenia
Avetik Isahakyan is considered one of the brightest minds and greatest writers of Armenia, whose works are listed in classical literature of Armenia and have been translated into many languages of the world. Visiting the museum will definitely introduce you to the authentic way of life of Gyumri’s people at the threshold of XIX and XX centuries.
 The great Armenian artist Minas Avetisyan brought not only an intense fresh color vision to the national painting, but created a special hitherto unfamiliar image of the Armenian nature, a kind of collective image of the harsh mountainous country. 
Sisters Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyans were two great Armenian artists of the Soviet era, who broke the stereotypes in the male-dominated world of Soviet visual art. The modernist approaches, eclecticism and saturation of the international career of the sisters was confidently challenging the patriarchal society of the Soviet Armenia. 
Festival Program
Friday, June 10
19:30 – 21:30
19:30 – 21:30
Lav Eli & Another story band
Garage Music Club, Garegin Njdeh avenue, 5/7 (show map)
Ticket price: 3000 AMD (the payment will be on the spot, only by pre- booking.)
The concert of the famous folk-rock band Laveli and russian rock & retro
band Another story band will take place in the Garage music club.
The number of tickets is limited. Payment on the spot, after pre-booking.
Saturday, 11 June
10:00 – 16:00
10:00 – 16:00
5 museums with 1 subscription
Immerse yourself in the world of art! 5 museums and galleries of the city will open their doors to guests. On June 11, you can get to all the museums mentioned above with a single subscription and see a lot of expositions, paintings, and antique interior items. A subscription can be purchased at the entrance to any of the mentioned art spaces.
11:00 - 21:30
11:00 - 21:30
Fair of Local Brands
Central Square "Vardananc" (show map)
Price: Free
11:00 - 21:30
11:00 - 21:30
Food Market
Abovyan Boulevard (show map)
Price: Free
Delicious food from local and regional establishments and producers: KIMYUM, karas, Pink berry, Florence Gyumri and others. And in the neighborhood there is a street with famous restaurants.
11։00 - 18։00
11։00 - 18։00
City tours from famous guides
Information desk of Move2Armenia on the central square "Vardananc" (show map)
Price: Free
Every 20 minutes 6 famous guides (David Aleqpol, Hovhannes and others) will gather a group of up to 25 people. To sign up, just go to the central square to the information desk.
11։00 - 20։00
11։00 - 20։00
Chess competitions
Loft Gyumri will host competitions in chess and board games, in which everyone can take part.
11։00 - 17։00
11։00 - 17։00
Graffiti Live
Price: free
In two parts of the city, street art artists will paint graffiti walls. You can come and watch the creative process, as well as learn about all the intricacies of the graffiti technique.
12։00 - 18։00
12։00 - 18։00
Master Class and Painting Competition
Central Square "Vardananc" (show map)
The master class and painting competition will be held by astist Siranush Vardanyan, a graduate of the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts and the winner of a large number of competitions. Details soon.
14։00 - 18։30
14։00 - 18։30
Career, Life, Business
The Guymri Tehnology Center will host an exhibition where 30 companies will be presented on the topics: career, life, education, business and others.

The mayor of Gyumri will take part in the kick-off, and the General Partner Ohanyan will treat all guests with a welcome-drink, hold a presentation of a new product, a workshop for designers / artists / all creative people.

Workshops will also be held from 15:00 to 17:00, during which representatives of IT companies will speak on professional topics and not only.
20։00 - 22։00
20։00 - 22։00
Big Concert
Central Square "Vardananc" (show map)
Price: Free
A Big Concert awaits you on the Central Square "Vardananc". Performing groups: Tmbata Orchestra, Alexandropol Orchestra, Katil and others. The concert will be hosted. During the evening you will listen to rock, folk, national songs and famous song covers from the stage.
22:00 - 00:00
22:00 - 00:00
Central Square "Vardananc" (show map)
Price: Free
DJs, evening Gyumri, food and drinks.
22:00 øknights - Two souls who pray for this night. A mix of modular, sub-bass and guitar sounds. Live performance. Residents of Yerevan revocation Club TUF.
23:00 Jack Mono - Dj-set dance mashup.
23:30 Max Van is a light techno, comfortable rhythmic Dj-set.
Watch the teaser.
Sunday, June 12
12։00 – 14։30
12։00 – 14։30
National Concert and Show
Central Square "Vardananc" (show map)
Ticket price: free
On the square you will see:
  • performance of dance ensembles with a master class for everyone.
  • Rare national instruments
  • Traditional arts
  • Games and contests
  • Food and drink

And also, with the support of the French Embassy, a musical group will perform with a show on bicycles La Bande à Tyrex.
The program will be updated. Follow the news.
Also, if you want to take part in the festival - write us on Instagram or on email:
How was it?
The previous events
12.03 Move2Armenia Expo
The goal was to open up the possibilities of Armenia and provide the best choice for its guests and new residents.

Event numbers:
· 2,000 visitors
· 50 participating companies
· 3 hours conference
29.03 and 14.05
Major Job Fairs

Event numbers:
· 2,500 fair visitors
· 75 participating companies
· 700+ vacancies
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Билеты на вечерний концерт 10 мая и абонемент в музеи покупается отдельно.
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