Move2Armenia spring activities summary
Welcome to the first Move2Armenia news digest!

We thought we'd share with you our news and what we've been up to this spring as well as what we plan to do in the near future.
On April 22 we summed up the results of the year, which has passed since the mass exodus to Armenia began. We talked to Ruben Vardanian and listened to more than a dozen speakers from various fields who shared their reflections, told us about the changes they are expecting in their spheres and what they are ready to do themselves.
On April 15, we organized our first SWOP in the cozy Letters&Numbers co-working space. There one could leave items that had become unnecessary and pick up the ones they liked, listen to lectures on conscious consumption and environmental responsibility, and take part in thematic workshops.
Together with Move2Armenia BUSINESS we conducted a business day, where the young entrepreneurs shared the difficulties they faced on their way to implementing business projects in Armenia. Also, the invited experts discussed the specifics of registering a business in Armenia, the secrets of a marketing strategy and tax literacy.
We finally launched a support service where you can ask any question about moving to Armenia and living here. And we now have our own desk at Zvartnots airport! Come and say hello and also send here your family and friends who are flying into Yerevan.
We interviewed Anna Bronovitskaya who is currently writing a book about the modernist architecture of Yerevan and its surroundings for the Move2Armenia YouTube channel. We learned many amazing facts about Armenian architecture, such as what George Lucas movies and the old Zvartnots airport have in common. And we took a bird's-eye view of the most remarkable buildings. You must see each of them live!
There are a lot of new materials and articles in our blog and FAQ. We have selected for you the most interesting and useful texts and we advise you to read them:
There are more than 1,500 companies in our catalog right now. We've added new categories, including "Goods for Children", "Hotels", "Masseurs and massage parlors"
and "Restaurants recommended by relocatees".
Just a reminder that on Thursdays we have the most detailed event poster in Armenia. By the way, if you want us to tell you about your event, fill out the form below. By summer we are planning to expand the poster and tell you about events scheduled not only for the weekends.
Stay tuned! We have a lot of big announcements coming up. For example, we're about to release our own job search service on Move2Armenia and there's a lot more to come.

If you have read our digest to the end — which is certainly a pleasure — but still don't understand what M2A is, let's try to finish by telling you about ourselves in very simple terms. We help those who have recently moved to Armenia or are considering moving to Armenia to adapt and we do it in many ways:
  • we organize job fairs where you can find a job
  • organize local brand markets
  • hold meetings of the entrepreneurial community
  • help navigate bureaucratic and routine issues
  • hand-pick and verify Armenian companies and add them to our catalog
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